Cuboidal Annotation

Annotate 3D objects from 2-Dimentional images and videos.

Our cuboid Image annotation solution enables you to annotate 3d cuboids with precision and highest-quality which helps in building state-of-the-art computer vision models.

It helps improve the accuracy and performance of machine learning models by providing more detailed and accurate training data.

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OCLAVI Quality

High Quality data

Using our cuboidal tool, you can produces high-quality data that can be used for a variety of computer vision and machine learning applications, resulting in better performance and results.

You can capture and label more specific features and attributes of an object, such as its size, shape, and orientation allowing for more precise and detailed analysis of objects in 3D space


This is one of the key advantages of using cuboidal annotation.

This tool is defined in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it possible to annotate objects of different shapes and dimensions.

One of the versalite tool in a 3D space for a wide range of application making it lot more easier to capture objects that are rotated or have a complex structures or in an indoor and outdoor environments,

OCLAVI allows users to annotate more accurately and precisely, as objects can be of different shapes and sizes making it a more flexible technique than object annotation methods.

OCLAVI Quality
OCLAVI Quality

3D localization

With OCLAVI it is possible to accurately and precisely locate objects in 3D space. This can be useful in a variety of applications and industries, where the ability is to accurately localize objects and is essential for navigation and obstacle avoidance.

Its flexibility and precision make it a valuable tool for machine learning, robotics, and other fields where accurate 3D localization is essential.


Scenarios to consider when thinking about this

Autonomous Vehicles

Highly beneficial in the AV industry as it helps in accurately detecting and locating objects in a 3D space.

With our tool you can detect and track objects such as other vehicles, pedestrians, and obstacles, in their surrounding environment with higher accuracy and precision. whch in turn will help in enhancing the safety and efficiency of AVs on the road.

OCLAVI 3d modeling annotation tool


Accurate and precise annotation of objects in 3D space to help robots recognize and track objects in their environment.

OCLAVI can help robots navigate their environment more accurately by providing 3D coordinates for objects in the scene. This can be particularly important in applications such as pick-and-place operations or autonomous navigation.

This will overall help to improve the accuracy and efficiency of robots in industrial settings, leading to increased productivity and safety.

Aerospace and Defence

Cuboidal annotation can be used to label and track components in the design and manufacturing of aircraft and other aerospace products.

Label and track components in the design and manufacturing of aircraft and other aerospace products, maintenance and repair operations to improve the quality control and efficiency.

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