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Story About OCLAVI

At OCLAVI we provide annotation tools help models learn precisely and work accurately in the real world.

Our team


The OCLAVI team is comprised of innovative people who work together to solve real world problems with machine learning and artificial intelligence. The only way to innovate things every day is with innovative people who truly enjoy their job.

OCLAVI’s mission is to make the machine learning and Ai easy for the developers by providing API ready classified data.

Make real time AI prediction a reality

Delivers the tool you need to save time while in building the models which help solve real world problems

Image Annotation

Agile framework to provide a robust image annotations.

Video Annotation

Localisation and object detection in videos by each and every frame.

Medical Imagery

Cognitive computing in medical AI to improve patient care with AI.

Autonomous Driving

The future of mobility is autonomous. Self-driving cars will be the norm in the not so distant future

Drone Imagery

Annotate drone images and video in real-time and have multiple touchpoints with object tracking using deep learning.


A high-level task that paves the way towards complete scene understanding and inferring knowledge from imagery.

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