Image Annotation

Our Image annotation tool allows you to define regions in an image and edit images at lightning speed.

OCLAVI Semantic Segmentation
OCLAVI Quality

Assured Quality

Build training label data for computer vision models with our solution with highest quality.

Our Image labeling solution delivers highest-quality results which helps in building state-of-the-art computer vision models.

Use Cases

Few use cases to trigger your thinking

Drone Imagery

Build drone based models using segmentation that paves the way towards complete scene understanding.

Understanding a scene is a core computer vision problem by the fact that an increasing number of applications nourish from inferring knowledge from imagery.

OCLAVI Drone Delivery


Segmentation helps teach robotics to handle manufacturing, energy and health care ai in a much efficient way.

Autonomous Vehicle

Detect vehicle movement and its dimension for autonomous driving

3D cuboid annotation is used to train the autonomous driving model to understand the real-world scenario.

OCLAVI Autonomous

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