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Image tagging plays a vital role in computer vision and machine learning algorithms, which require extensive datasets of annotated images to enhance their accuracy over time. It encompasses various levels of detail, from broad categories to more specific labels.

Our tool helps to reduce errors and increase the reliability of the labels

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Enhances searchability

It allows for easy indexing and categorization of images, making them easier to search and find.

By tagging images with relevant keywords or labels, search engines and other image repositories can improve their indexing and retrieval capabilities.

This can save time and effort for users and help them find the exact image they are looking for.

Improves accuracy

By accurately tagging images with relevant labels, it helps improve the accuracy of computer vision and machine learning algorithms.

This not only improves the accuracy of image recognition and object detection systems, as well as other applications that rely on image analysis.

Image tagging can help to reduce the risk of misinterpretation or misclassification of images, which can lead to errors or incorrect results.

OCLAVI Quality
OCLAVI Quality

Saves time

Help to save time by automating the process of organizing and categorizing large collections of images.

The process can be automated using machine learning algorithms that can analyze and label images at scale, reducing the need for manual intervention.

This can be particularly useful in volume based industries, where large volumes of images need to be organized and tagged for effective product search and recommendation systems which ultimately saves significant time and effort.

Used Cases

Examples to inspire ideas


This tool can be used to analyze customer behavior, such as which products are being viewed and purchased, and adjust product placement and pricing accordingly. This can help retailers to optimize their visual merchandising strategies and improve sales.

It can also be used to identify and flag suspicious activity and help retailers to prevent fraud and protect both themselves and their customers, improving trust and loyalty.

OCLAVI Image Tagging
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Improves product searchability by enabling customers to find the products they're looking for more easily.

By accurately tagging images with relevant keywords and attributes, customers can quickly and easily filter through large product catalogs to find the items they want.


Image tagging is used to identify and track crops, monitor plant growth, and detect crop diseases and pests. By tagging images of crops at various stages of growth, farmers and agricultural experts can analyze the data to optimize planting and harvesting times, improve crop yields, and manage resources more efficiently.

It also can help to streamline agricultural operations, improve crop yields, and reduce waste, ultimately leading to more sustainable and profitable farming practices.

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