Our Features

The technology is simple for any type of project services

The way object annotation are done is reinvented. Fastest, collaborative, and more accurate way of annotating the images, videos and 3d sensor data.

Image annotation

Credibly innovate pixel level image annotation with precision and highest-quality in a collaborative way. Auto-detection with OCLAVI PredictTM αlpha will save humongous time in creating label data.

Video annotation

Interactively annotate large videos by saving time and effort. The annotation of large video datasets is an essential task in retrieval of granular information to build computer vision models and autonomous driving.

Medical annotation

Cognitive computing in medical AI, build highest-quality medical annotation data which in turn helps in building state-of-the-art CV models which is helpful in analyzing medical data to treat diseases.

OCLAVI Medical Annotation

Predictive and imperative annotations for your AI & Deep Learning models.

The best in class collaborative annotation tool to build AI & Deep Learning models