Polygonal Annotation

Annotate precisely to detect objects and localization in images and videos.

Our Image annotation solution enables you to annotate bound boxes with precision and highest-quality which helps in building state-of-the-art computer vision models.

OCLAVI Polygonal Annotation
OCLAVI Quality

Assured Quality

Build training label data for computer vision models with our solution with highest quality.

Our Image labeling solution delivers highest-quality results which helps in building state-of-the-art computer vision models.

Use Cases

Few used cases to trigger your thinking

Precise detection in agriculture-tech

Analyze plant health.

With our tool, annotate all the irregular objects of the plants to detect the plant disease at an early stage.

OCLAVI plant disease detection
OCLAVI polygonal annotation use case

Logo Recognition

Annotate the logo's which are in irregular shapes and build a model to detect the logo.

Autonomous Vehicle

Detect lanes, traffic, potholes, etc.

Lanes, traffic, potholes, etc. polygonal annotation is used to train the autonomous driving model to understand the real-world scenario.

OCLAVI Autonomous Use Case

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