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Whether you need to label, annotate, or segment video data for training or testing purposes, our video annotation services offer unparalleled quality, speed, and accuracy, to help you achieve your AI goals faster and more efficiently and make videos more accessible, engaging, and useful, while also enabling more efficient and accurate analysis of video data.

OCLAVI Semantic Segmentation
OCLAVI Quality

Enhanced precision

Help to improve the accuracy of automated systems such as computer vision algorithms, by providing more precise and detailed information about the objects and actions in the video.

Faster training of machine learning models

Create labeled training data for machine learning models, which can help speed up the training process and improve the accuracy of the models.

OCLAVI Quality
OCLAVI Quality

Enhanced user experience

Allows users to interact with the video in a more meaningful way, as they can easily navigate to specific parts of the video that interest them.

Examples of Application

A few examples to inspire your ideas


Sports teams use video annotation tools to analyse game footage, track player movements, and identify areas for improvement. It gives player performance analysis. Injury prevention, training so on and for forth.

It can provide valuable insights for coaches, players, and trainers, helping them to improve performance, prevent injuries, and develop effective game strategies.

OCLAVI Autonomous


This tool is very helpful to track customer behaviour and preferences, analyse foot traffic, and optimize store layouts. It can provide valuable insights for retailers, helping them to improve customer satisfaction, increase sales, and optimize store operations.

By tracking customer behaviour and preferences, retailers can better understand their customers and tailor their offerings to meet their needs.


It is used to train computer vision models for quality control, defect detection, and assembly line optimization.

It also helps manufacturing companies improve product quality, increase production efficiency, and reduce waste. By training machine learning models to identify defects and optimize the manufacturing process, companies can save time and money while improving customer satisfaction.

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